EDE Studio

Workshop storageWorkspaceEllen Eichel began her artistic career in 1987 after developing her own unique process for creating intricate detailed imagery on silk. The creative possibilities for using this technique were endless however the ultimate experience for her became creating hand painted couture clothing. After several years of working on her own, Ellen was joined by her daughter-in-law Dianne and the two founded E.D.E. Studio in 1997. After 10 years of dealing with the intensity of the silk painting process, both became burnt out and decided that the creative focus of E.D.E. had to change.

Driven by the quest to discover a new outlet for their creativity, a previously purchased piece of suede became the impetus for designing a new product: an amazing shoulder bag. Creating handbags provided the complete sense of artistic freedom they had been searching for. The focus of the company quickly switched from clothing to bags and the pair was soon joined by Ellen's daughter Millicent, who now has her own leather accessory line M.Design. Although E.D.E. handbags can no longer be made out of Ellen's downtown New York City studio as they once were, E.D.E. is proud to say that all the handbags continue to be made to order right here in NYC, USA.

At E.D.E. we love making bags and it shows!